Browsing Cities

A blog/photoblog about places I go

About June 15, 2009

Browsing Cities is a blog/photoblog of my observations while living in (and sometimes traveling to) different cities. And although my observations might indicate I’m a pessimist — I tend to point out flaws, inefficiencies, and acts of stupidity — I’m actually a very happy person

Currently I live in San Francisco, with past homes in Boston and Seattle. I graduated from Claremont McKenna College in Claremont, a college town outside of LA. And, I grew up in Nipomo, a “consensus-designated place” along the Central Coast of California, which boasts the best climate in the nation.

I like to run, snowboard, cook, garden, take lots of photos, and drink lots of wine. It’s a good life.

Katie (@ Jill's Wedding in Cape Cod)