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Virgin America: It’s the little things December 7, 2009

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A lot of people talk about how Virgin America is so cool and trendy: The in-seat entertainment make the flight so much better. Ordering food and drinks from your seat anytime is amazing. The mood lighting is so sexy. Oh and the safety video is SO FUNNY.



I totally agree with all of these things, but no one ever mentions my favorite part: THE BOARDING PASSES

1. The boarding passes that you print on home will print two on one page. AMAZING! Why has no other airline thought of this before? Srsly, it’s not that hard to save some trees.  Sometimes (with other airlines) I even end up printing 2 pages just for one tickets once all the ads and weather forecasts and god knows what else I don’t want, get tacked on to the ticket.

Boarding passes printed at home


2.  The boarding passes that you get at the airport are about 1/2 the size of a “normal” boarding passes. HOORAY! First let me thank Virgin for saving trees and hopefully cutting costs to make my travel cheaper. But more importantly, is that I can FINALLY slip this into my back pocket (or my boyfriend’s breast pocket) without the fear of losing it or getting half of it ripped off while attempting to get my shoes back on, my laptop secured, and toiletries back in my bag as gracefully and as quickly as possible because GOD FORBID someone mistake me for an unseasoned travel. So thank you Virgin America, thank you for doing the most simple thing that has so vastly improved my air travel experience.

Boarding passes from Virgin


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