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What is a high back chair? The importance of expectations July 23, 2009

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Last fourth of July — after picking a prime spot on the top of Lafayette Park in San Francisco — we failed to see a single firework through the thick fog. So this year we decided to finally use the tent we bought last summer to go camping at Lower Little Truckee Campground near Lake Tahoe.

Lower Little Truckee State Campgroung

Lower Little Truckee State Campground

With four fireworks shows in Lake Tahoe to choose from, we headed to Commons Beach in Tahoe City to check out our winter stomping grounds in the summertime.

Like any responsible millennial, I used my “advanced” computer skills to find a website featuring relevant information on the fireworks show.


The website states “low back chairs only”. So we decided to leave our fold out camping chairs back at the campsite. We got to the beach around 2 pm to hang out for the afternoon and secure a spot to watch the fireworks. There were a smattering of these types of camping chairs around, but I was naively thinking “I’m sure they’ll put them away before the fireworks” and “I bet someone will come around and ask them to fold up their chairs”

Now the definition of “low back chairs” is a little vague. But we are on the beach so presumably this refers to beach chairs.

To me, low back beach chairs look something like this:

low back chair

And high back beach chairs look more like this:


As time passed more and more of these high back chairs popped up all around us. By the time the fireworks began we were surrounded by hundreds of them in different shapes, colors, and sizes. But luckily it didn’t matter, we had no problem seeing the fireworks. And it was a fantastic show.

The sad thing is that I still walked away disappointed with the experience. Perhaps it was the crick in my back from sitting on a beach towel for seven hours to follow the rules, while others enjoyed the comfort of their high back chairs.

So I have a few simple requests for Tahoe City and anyone else who possess the power to make rules:

1. Don’t be vague. This gives people wiggle room to be asshats. And they will take advantage of it.  If you want to say “low back chairs only” please provide a definition of what is and isn’t a low back a chair.

2. Don’t make seemingly pointless rules. The fireworks are pretty high in the sky and the high back chairs that were crowding the beach that night posed no viewing problems so I’m not sure why you thought this was a good rule. Clearly people aren’t going to do something just because you told them to do it,  so  please provide a logical explanation as to why this rule is important.

3. Enforce rules. If rules aren’t enforced, people lose faith in being a part of a society with rules and they won’t follow other more important ones, like only using the left lane to pass..… oh wait hmmm.

Thanks Tahoe City, really we do love you. And next year we’ll be bringing our chairs.


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